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This FREE breathwork ceremony gives you the chance to let go of what no longer serves you, and connect on a deeper level with who you are.


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Breathwork is one of the most beautiful forms to connect with yourself. Through your own breathing you will be able to go deep within to heal, find answers, and clear your mind.

The world around us is very restless, and with this breathing session I want to give you the peace you long for. That is why I offer you this so that you can keep things off around you in your own safe environment at home, and so focus your attention on yourself.

We start the ceremony with a short explanation about breathwork, a meditation to bring you into the right setting, and from there you may start breathing to go deep within. Afterwards there is room for those who want to share their experience. The whole event will take around one and a half hour.

Are you ready to stand in your own power, and connect with who you really are?

February 24 – 19:30 (UK Time)

Price: €22.- FREE

For years I was stuck with enormous tension in my body. Working with Didier, I found out that I was holding on to a lot of emotions and fears. During our sessions, he gave me a safe space where I learned to understand what was beneath the surface. The coaching he gave has also ensured that I have gained many new insights about myself.

Milou Dekkers, the Netherlands

Breathtwork is hard to describe with words, it’s something you have to try for yourself. Didier not only teaches you to breathe consciously and connected, but also applies it for your personal growth. He is a committed and dedicated professional who share his knowledge and experience to support others on their path of self-discovery and expansion of consciousness. Breathwork sessions with Didier were a revelation. Our breath becomes an anchor, a doorway to a meditative state with immediate access to the realm of our soul. The effects on life are immediate. The breathwork under the guidance of Didier has not only helped me to become aware of my blockages, but also to let them go.

Beatriz Lotson, Spain

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