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I notice that everyone needs this now. A beautiful online Breathwork session where you go deep inside, feel relaxation, happiness, love, freedom and where you can heal yourself. The world is turned upside down and connection is what we need now.

That’s why I give an online Breathwork session with lots of love. You can do this session at home on your bed or couch in your trusted environment.

We start the afternoon with a short explanation about Breathwork, a relaxation meditation and then we all go into the session. Afterwards there is space to share your experience.

Are you ready to go deeper? And to stand up for who you really are?

30 January – 4pm UK Time

Price: €22.- FREE

For years I was stuck with enormous tension in my body. Working with Didier, I found out that I was holding on to a lot of emotions and fears. During our sessions, he gave me a safe space where I learned to understand what was beneath the surface. The coaching he gave has also ensured that I have gained many new insights about myself.

Milou, the Netherlands

Discover the power of your own breathing

Breathwork allows you to create space in your system. It takes the noise, that flow of negative thoughts, out of your head. This allows you to connect with your deeper self. This is that part of you that acts as your personal guide. It gives you a clear direction, where you need to go, instead of getting stuck again and again.

Breathing will help you reduce your stress, let the stuck energy flow in your body (and this will also make your life run much more smoothly). It is a moment for yourself, where you can come to yourself again from the comfort of your own home.

This is what we will do…

We first start by explaining the breathing itself so that you know exactly what to do. From there I will guide you with a meditation to relax and prepare yourself completely for the breathwork itself.

This is the moment when you lie down comfortably, where you can relax. Specially selected music will be set up for you, and you will be guided in the breath work with final instructions.

The breathing will take approximately 45 minutes, after which you will have a moment of silence to integrate your experience. We will then meet again to close the ceremony, and where everyone will have the space to share their experience or ask questions.

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