What causes you to act from your emotions?

How does stress and trauma affect
your nervous system?

What role does your breathing
play in anxiety & stress?

Join breath and trauma expert Didier Meynders for this unique workshop to learn more about the nervous system, breath awareness and emotions.

Personal Development (inner work) is not just looking inward and healing. It is also understanding how certain mechanisms work, why you have become the way you are, and react the way you do, and how you can regain control.

In 90 minutes you will discover:


Your stress and your nervous system

Understand the way your brain and body are designed to operate, and how your system is responding to stress and trauma.


The influence of your breath

The breath is the bridge between body and mind. You will learn how breathing plays a major role in your daily life, and how you can improve your breath to cope better with stress and emotions.


Deep dive into your emotions

Knowledge is power! Together we will cover everything you need to know about emotions so that you can learn how they influence your life, and regain control and cultivate inner peace.

To create a safe and intimate space, a maximum of 7 people participate. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, to share what’s on your mind (if you feel the need to) and to learn more about yourself through this interactive experience.

Date:    1 March – 19:30 (GMT)
Price:   £11

About Didier Meynders

Hey, I am Didier

Did you know that most things that happened in your youth formed you as the person you are today? This includes how you deal with stress, how you process your emotions, and how you respond to challanges.

My name is Didier Meynders. I started as breath coach in 2016 and since then I combine coaching and inner work to help people in their transformation process.

I have a passion for personal development, breathing and trauma, and have spent the last 10 years learning everything there is to know. It is my mission (and my pleasure!) to share this information with you.

With this workshop you will discover how your nervous system is controlling your life, how to breathe better, and why you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your emotions – it’s perfectly normal and there is an easy solution!

I hope to meet you on Tuesday 1st of March – 19:30

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