Hi, I am Didier Meynders

I help people to remember who they are and to become the best version of themselves: feeling in the flow of life, attuned to their higher self, standing in their full power.

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Hi, I am
Didier Meynders

I help people to remember who they are and to become the best version of themselves: feeling in the flow of life, attuned to their higher self, standing in their full power.

If you feel disconnected from yourself, unhappy with who you are or full of doubts about which direction to take. You might be thinking: how long can I keep this up…

You know, I’ve been there myself for a long time. I was stuck in my life, filled with anxiety and felt depressed every day. Although deep down I wanted to live in joy, free from all the stress and the negative self-talk, I didn’t know how to get out of this. Instead, I just ran away by numbing myself with substances and other things to not feel and face what was there beneath the surface.

Since I was a teenager, this was my situation.

It was August 2012, I was so done with it that I finally made the choice to face the pain I felt inside. This was the beginning for me in my healing process where I start doing the work. It was a year later that I made a big breakthrough and was finally able to put the biggest things behind me.

  • I started coming home to myself.
  • I acknowledged my limitations and created healthy boundaries with myself and others
  • I connected more and deeply with the person I really am.
  • I was able to return to the moments I used to run away from without resentment or pain.
  • I started to enjoy my life (something I still do every day)

And I want to help you do the same.

In 2015 I was reminded of a dream I had years ago: guiding other people with their inner work.

Not long after I did my first course in transformational breathwork, where I started helping others in the process of going within and healing. Since then I’ve been working with people like you worldwide. Along the way, I’ve studied a plethora of coaching and healing technique to guide your inner journey.

In recent years I have increasingly focused on the nervous system (related to stress and trauma), breath awareness, inner child and family dynamics. Now I specialize in helping you heal the things that happened to you when you were little and making you the best version of yourself.

I combine coaching and inner work to help you take that important step in your life. With coaching we work on your personal goals. I help you to gain clarity in who you are, recognizing your patterns and behaviours and to understand your defence mechanisms.

With inner work you get the right tools and guidance to heal your trauma and develop healthy coping strategies. With this you not only learn to stand in your own power, but you also close the things that have happened to you once and for all.

I help you to be yourself

Something I strongly believe in…

Connecting with your higher self is freedom. When you restore this connection, your life will be much easier. Challenges and struggles will still come your way (that’s a part of life) but they won’t be as intense as before. It’s like rising above it instead of being smothered by it.

To live your truth (and therefore the life you deeply desire within)
you must first go inside and make peace with what has happened.

It requires commitment and perseverance to connect with this. You do this by facing your past, which does not mean that you have to relive everything, but you have to accept it.

When you have restored that connection you will react less violently to setbacks, you will no longer fall back into old patterns and behaviours, and you will connect more with your personal mission here on earth. You will then be able to live your truth.

Working with me is not a magical solution or a shortcut, but a deep process to know and understand yourself.

The last years many beautiful things happened

The last 8 years many beautiful things happened.

Since I have done my own work many things has changed. I started doing things I was even to scared to dream of before. In 2017 I sold all my stuff (I kept a backpack with clothes and a laptop), and went out into the world. Since then I lived most of the year in Goa, and partly in Brazil. One of my biggest dreams is to live in Alto Paraiso (Brazil) and I’m almost there! As we know the world has changed a bit and for now I stay in the UK where I prepare myself to make this big step happen: I’m moving to Alto Paraiso on July 1st.

Personal and spiritual growth is one of my biggest interests. Reading a book, yoga and meditation, being mindful and honest towards myself, doing another course or just spending time in nature. Together with my morning rituals these are the things that keep me in balance and help me to stay focussed and connected to who I am. Although this sounds very serious, during the day I’m laughing my ass off because of my own stupidity and craziness.

If you know me very well you know that:

  • I love pizza, and before I started with coaching and inner work I even had the idea to start a pizzeria in Rio de Janeiro. (Things sometimes don’t go as you had in mind 😉
  • I love trance music. Markus Schultz is my hero and making trance is one of my greatest passions.
  • One of my dreams is to build my own house in Alto Paraiso and would I love to drive a Range Rover.
  • Summer or winter, walking in a forest or climbing a mountain, you will always see me walking bare foot or with flip flops.

So, now you know a lot more about me (thank you for reading all the way here!), and I’m especially curious about you!

Do you think I can help you further? Send me a message via the button below. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours!