I signed up to work with Didier because I was trying to solve some problems for my business which I suspected were due to some limiting beliefs that I wanted to shift. Didier held space for me to express and explore what I was bumping up against, all while asking guiding and supportive questions. I appreciated Didier’s ability to offer insights and reflections which helped me put some of the puzzle pieces together which I would have missed without him. The breathwork session was particularly profound. I’ve seriously practice yoga, meditation, and breathwork off and on for years but I’d never experienced anything like what he led me through. I can’t quite explain the physical sensations and state of mind that it put me in but I will say that afterwards I felt quite ecstatic and light. Between the coaching and the breathwork I left the session feeling a greater sense of direction and assuredness regarding the business and I had a new sense of awe for the power of the breath. Thank you Didier for being such a grounded and nurturing presence throughout the process! I’m looking forward to going even deeper in our next session.